Michelle Phillips

Impressive Statistic:

Five Yukon Quest 1000-mile (1600) starts, five top-10 finishes


Nine Iditarod, six Yukon Quest, Kobuk 440, Klondike 300, Percy de Wolfe, Cantwell Classic, Taiga 300, Paul Johnson Race, Gin Gin 200, Copperbasin 300… If not the best, certainly one of the best performing long-distance dogmushers in Canada today, Phillips is a prolific racer with finishes in the entire gamut of races in North America to her name. Phillips is hardcore. She is the two-time recipient of the prestigious Herbie Nayokpuk Award, presented to the Iditarod musher who best exemplifies the level of sportsmanship, love of dogs and unparalleled spirit of Alaskan Inupiaq musher and Iditarod Hall-of-Famer, Herbie “Shishmaref Cannonball” Nayokpuk.

Birth Place: Yukon, Canada

Residence: Yukon, Canada

Team | Kennel: Tagish Lake Kennel

 By the Numbers:

2 x Yukon Quest 300 Champion (300 miles / 480 km, 2015 and 2013)

1 x Gin Gin Champion

1 x Veterinary Choice Award Yukon Quest 1000 (2009)

2 x Herbie Nayokpuk Award (2017, 2012)

1 x Rookie of the Year Copperbasin 300 (300 miles / 480 km)

1 x Rookie of the Year Percy de Wolf

Longest race/fastest runtime:

9 days 2 hours 2 minutes 45 seconds (1000 mile/1600 km)

QRILL PAWSYukon, Canada