Jeff King

Impressive Statistic:

King has placed in Top 3 of the Iditarod 13 times, or at a mindboggling rate of 48.1% of his starts (13 times out of 27 starts).


Jeff King – the King of the sport of long-distance dog mushing?

The ‘Winningest Dog Musher in the World’, King has won six 1000-mile races (+1600 km) in his career: four Iditarod championships (1993,1996,1998, 2006) and one Yukon Quest championship (1981). In addition he has placed first 25 times in a slew of other sled dog races including nine times in Kuskokwim 300 as well as Kobuk 440, Tustemena 200, and Copperbasin 300 victories. With this, King’s race earnings have - likely as the only musher in history, anywhere in the world - surpassed the 1-million-dollar mark. In Iditarod alone he has earned $921,244.78. King is an innovator, constantly challenging status quo in all aspects of the sport, from developing new equipment to advancing training methods; but first and foremost to the exceptional success of King has been his constant push for exceptional and continuously advanced dog care.

Birth Place: North Fork California, USA

Residence: Denali Park, Alaska, USA

Team | Kennel: Husky Homestead

By The Numbers:

Number of 1000-mile / +1600-km finishes: 28

4 x Iditarod Champion (1000 miles / 1600 km, 1993,1996,1998 and 2006)

1 x Yukon Quest Champion (1000 miles / 1600 km 1989)

1 x Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Vet Award

21 x Top 10 1000-mile / 1600-km finishes

33 Awards in 1000-mile / 1600-km races

Inducted in Iditarod Hall of Fame (1999)

Longest race/fastest runtime:

9 days 0 hours 0 minutes 46 seconds (1000 mile/1600 km)