2019 Beargrease Marathon Champion Lead Dog


Birth Place: Finland, Minnesota, USA

Residence: Finland, Minnesota, USA

Team | Kennel: Manitou Crossing Kennels w. Blake and Jennifer Freking

By the Numbers:

2 x Beargrease Marathon 400

1 x Can-AM 250

2 x UP 200

1 x Gunflint Mail Run

Longest race/fastest runtime:

0 days 19 hours 32 minutes 31 sec (300 mile/480 km)

Fenrir is a hard-driving 5 year old male Siberian Husky who led Blake Freking and his team across the finish line to win the 2019 Beargrease Marathon 400 Championship. Notably, Fenrir is an AKC Siberian Husky who was leading a team of competitive Alaskan Huskies – the Alaskan’s known to otherwise be the faster race dog. He is sweet, fun loving, friendly and happy dog who plays well with the pack – but, Fenrir is quite serious and competitive in harness. A very driven sled dog, he is one of the absolute core dogs of the Manitou Kennel team. Fenrir’s mother, Arktisk Storm Frosty, was imported by the Blake and Jen Freking from Sweden in 2012. His father, Grit, is one of their race leaders with his lineage tracing back to the first litter of Siberian Huskies Jen raised when she was 9 years old.